Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Well, following my post yesterday I have worked non-stop to clean and organize my area. Loads of stuff went out of the house, with me thinking this would make more space but I have so much, it is filled up already. My cupboard is now organized with all my boxes with beads. Great you say? Well I found an entire collection the seize of a laundry bin with all kinds of beads, findings, buttons and more, spread out across my space. It is now in the laundry bin, and over the next weeks I will attempt to put them in bead boxes and label them. No more beads needed for a long time!!
All books are now in one place, no more books needed for a long time!!
Magazines all in one place. No more... oh but I forgot I subscribe to 3, I guess I'll need to get rid of some. I have tons of stamping magazines I plan to ditch. Anyone interested????

I am not done yet, but need a break now. I decided to put out some of my creations from our monthly Carmi club and  they really do inspire me. It is time for a monthly get together, and make whatever someone wants to. What do you think?

These pictures are from Paris last summer and they make me feel creative.... So now all I need is more time!


MarissaDW said...

I love that you just dove into getting your space organized. I had to write about it first. Mind you, we did clean-up the 2nd bedroom before Christmas where most of my supplies are. It's now all in the basement. I have to sort through my boxes and do some more purging or project. I've banned myself from buying anything beading / art supplies.

Would love to get together monthly to do projects....

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