Monday, January 3, 2011

I receive Beading Daily, a free online newsletter from Interweave press. Today, the editor Kristal Wick wrote this and let's just say I could have written this! "When it comes to the world of creativity, are you schizophrenic like me? I started down the artistic path eons ago in stained glass, then moved into pottery, fused-glass jewelry, silk painting, and fabric embellishment, and I'm now hanging my beady hat in this wonderful world of jewelry. Each little creative part of my personality fights in a constant internal battle to win moments of my time to spend time making "their" form of art".
While I didn't start with stained glass or pottery, I did gravitate from my first obsession of stamps and paper, to jewelry. But I constantly find myself attracted to other media and forms and seem to be all over the map! So much so lately, that I end up pretty much doing nothing other than reading and imagining what I could be doing. Starting my Master's program again next week won't help much! Oh well, nothing really depends on it and I'll just make time wherever I can. (Although that is where the problem is....). I am starting by rearranging my space and sorting stuff. So far it has just made me sneeze from all the dust I am stirring up. I am waiting for the dust to settle, for time to stand still and for creative impulses to become reality! Any advice? Feel free to share it!!


Leslie Jane Moran said...

You see, this is where my age comes into play. I actually did do pottery and stained glass. I even studied ballet with a Russian ballerina in Princeton and refined my pointe shoes. I tied-dyed and burned bras and lived all over the world and I'm still living the mad life. Ain't it WONDERFUL??? You are the most creative person I know, and, you do so much! Give in, you won't win, the "stuff" will get you every time:)
Good luck with your studies and all your new ventures at the beginning of the new decade! Create!

Karen said...

Thanks for your kind words Leslie. It is all a matter of time... You make me laugh with the Ballet. I too did ballet and actually loved it. Hmmm, maybe I should try that again?

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