Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Orleans

Like Nancy I was in new Orleans for a few days. I went there for a very busy 2 day meeting but had a few hours the day I arrived. So I decided to go to the Garden district and the Lafayette cemetery. Here are some pictures. I discovered a store with encaustic art work.... I thought of Nancy!
The houses are so southern. It reminds me of hot and lazy afternoons on the sing on the porch with some lazy jazz and southern accents!
On the buss I saw this add: for "the occasional wife". How funny. It is a business. Maybe there is a business in "the occasional husband"!


nancy said...

great shots,
i missed the encaustic, my friend went shopping while i shot 800 photos in the cemetery........but she did show me the same business card
and we had a good chuckle

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