Saturday, May 15, 2010

Popular trends in jewelry

For a long time I had a hard time appreciating found obect jewelry. It seemed  junky and I didn't get it. It wasn't until I took several classes with Susan Lennart Kazmer that I changed my view. Susan described her vision and her approach to her pieces and it was just so different. She is a truly wonderful person and in my view a great artist. Over the past year or so, found object jewelry has become popular. In fact so popular that now every magazine, every store every show has found object classes and stores and it seems that the trend is just that. I guess this is how trends go, and everyone has to do what they want. Yet, I cannot help but feel that when the trend takes over and artists such as Susan now are all over all popular jewelry stores, show and publication, the "specialness" disappears. While I am happy that her business is thriving, it seems to me that business truly has take over the artistic aspect. Good for her from a business perspective.
For me though it has reached a point that it is now less of a special art form and I do regret that. It is now available in Michaels, under the name Industrial Chic... : 

What do you think? Am I off the wall? After all, we all need to make a living...


Leslie Jane Moran said...

Do you think it's possible that this gives Susan a little more control over her own designs? At least this way if the findings are sold and come out under her copyright she would get both recognition and financial reward from her original ideas. Also, she may be finished with making/selling this era of her stuff and now be on to creating a newer line. Art is so fickle and trends change so quickly, I'm sure she has moved on. At least artists like yourself will see something and immediately recognize the original concept, copy or not.

Sharon said...

I don't mind that Susan's work has become 'commercial'. Whenever a style is recognized for its uniqueness it has the tendency to become a trend. A larger number of people who cannot access the classes directly from the master, can dabble on their own. Why did Susan publish a book if not to impart the special knowledge and techniques of her work. These days there is no way to keep something special a secret. It will always find a way into the mainstream which hungers for something new and unusual.

Susan Williamson said...

Don't you think it's the way you put everything together that makes your jewelery special Karen? I have three of your necklaces and would never part with them Last weekend I was in Boston and had many compliments on your crown and ribbon piece. Perhaps another artist could use the same elements, but would they put them together with the artistry and skill that you do? I doubt it. Just follow your creative heart and forget what other people are doing. You've got "it" flaunt it, girlfriend.

Karen said...

Thanks for your comments. You bring out aspects I hadn't given a hold lot of thought!

diane said...

Ahhh, yes, Leslie has it right. And, so does Susan.
We all have our own special way of adding our components together...whether it be beads, crystals, found objects or vintage jewelry.
Susan is indeed one of the master's out there in our little artistic world. Now, more people will see just how beautiful and talented she really is.

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