Tuesday, May 18, 2010

More travels: Miami

More travels. Yes, it keeps on going! This time I am in Miami in South Beach across the bridge. It is an interesting place and I have not been here before so lots to see. One thing that is the major theme is the beach and beach goers. The weather is hot and humid. Some of my friends would be unhappy with this the entire time, others that walk and lie on the beach here, clearly adore it. It is less glamorous than I thought it was. A bit seedy even. Yet we are having a good time. There is a lot of original Art Deco here and it makes for a very interesting place. The beach is beautiful and the sound of the ocean never bores me! I do wonder what the incidence rate of skin cancer is though...


Jennifer Young said...

Hi Karen, It's Jen, Jane's daughter... I have finally gotten around to checking out your blog and I love it. You are clearly very talented and creative. You can see my blog at jenorasoaps.blogspot.com xo Jen

Elizabeth said...

Hey you
Crazy I just came back from South Beach too, I was down there from thursday to sunday for a friend's party. Had a great time, but very tired from the sun and fun.

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