Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Adorn me, Day 1

Well, I am here. I made it past customs, security, a stewardess not showing up for work, and thus a lengthy delay while they found one who did want to fly.... The event is at the Embassy Suites in Houston. It is a good hotel for this sort of thing. The event is much smaller than Art and Soul in Portland but the same level of excitement and enthusiasm. It started off last night with an inspirational speaker about how to make time so you actually do work on what you love to do. Interesting speech. She is an "creative coach". Talk about seizing an opportunity! Our extraordinary mixed up media artist club is a true example of how to ensure there is time in out lives for creative outlet. I would love to get together again once a month for "parallel play". Anyone interested? the evening also allowed the teachers to show off their class amples. Mouthwatering!!!!
Today I am going to learn enameling copper beads. Stay tuned!!


Irene said...

Sounds wonderful.

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