Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Adorn me, Day 2

What fun!!! It is so neat to see everyone's brain here working to see what they can make with the new information provided in the classes. Creativity galore. My first class was with Melissa Manley on making metal beads and then enamelling them. I will upload pictures when I am home. So much fun. The techniques are ones I can use in many different ways and the colours of the enamel are so luscious. Melissa is a great instructor and I learned a great deal. And of course I met some new people whose blog I have been following. Diana Frey is a wonderful and kind person and so talented. Her friend Ricky Shumacher, whose blog I discovered last week sat next to me in class and I very much enjoyed her company. At night I went to Hobby Lobby and Anthropology and now need to go back to the bank... :)


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