Friday, December 11, 2009


Tonight was the night we had a little Christmas dinner with friends, something we started a few years ago and which has become a cherished tradition. I happened to lose my brand new camera and was very upset over this. However, I got jolted back into a decent perspective when I opened my email to find out that a friend suffered a far greater loss. Her husband had been very ill with cancer for a while and unfortunately passed away today. My heart goes out to you my friend and I am so incredibly sorry. May you find strenght to cope with this enormity and know that many of us are thinking of you and your son. You know where to find us.


Irene said...

I know of what you speak, I had a crappy day yesterday, but this terrible news certainly does things into perspective.

me again said...

It was indeed terrible news to learn. And today my husband came home from work with the news that one of his co-workers was caught in a fire a couple of days ago in his home and has 4th and 5th degree burns and may not live, and tonight at dinner one of our favourite waitresses told us that her daughter's kindergarten teacher, a young man, just died of the flu; she has to tell her 4-yr-old daughter and doesn't know how. I agree with you completely. These things put it all in perspective.

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