Monday, December 14, 2009

A new, new camera

Yesterday I decided to go out and buy the identical camera that was taken from me. The entire event of having someone find my camera in a restaurant and not hand it in made me feel sick. It is truly beyond my belief that an individual is capable of such a thing. My pictures in it. I think I will put a picture on this one with some angry gesture to a potential thief, just in case!! Oh well, done and I have another one. I will glue it to my body when I go out.


Leslie Jane Moran said...

That happened to me in a restaurant with my glasses! Imagine someone taking a prescription pair of glasses and leaving their dollar store readers. I was so relieved when I realized what I had done, and called the restaurant who claimed to have my specs. Upon my return to the eatery, I realized that the glasses which were left at the exact table, were not mine. Someone did a switch. I hope they fall over. $400 worth of glasses.

My verification word is emphet...I think that's a sign of how empathetic I am with you:)

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