Saturday, April 18, 2009

Garage and Rummage Sales

Don't you just love them, garage and rummage sales? I know, half the time you bring stuff home you don't really need, but to me it is like treasure hunt. Today was the annual garage kick-of day. The local church had their annual rummage sale. It was very well organized and many volunteers from the churg must have spent hours and days organizing it.It was sorted by type of item, clothes for men and women, books etc. A colour coded sticker, which indicated the price, and a real check out counter.We found some great items. Some silver dishes, perfect for what I don't know, but they were only $3 for the lot, so perfect! Some pretty lace and hand embroidery, some pretty jewlery I can do something with. Little wine cups and 2 great books: an old Webster's dictionary and an 1930's version of Jane Eyre.
And the best thing was the receipt. It was handwritten and showed that I paid my 2 dollars...

What struck me most though was the sense of community these women must have. They belong to a group with a common interests. I am not religious, spiritual perhaps, but it brought back memories from when I had to go to church when I was little. There was something about being part of a group. I think if I was lonely and alone, I would join such a group. What companionship it would bring!


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