Saturday, March 29, 2014


On Friday I did a number of things. I visited Taipei 101, the highest tower here in Taiwan. (Second highest in the world.) The elevator takes you to the top in 37 seconds! It is pressurized like an airplane and so you don't notice the pressure change. The view was stunning.

I also visited the Chan Kai Shek memorial and the national theatre and national concert hall nearby. Very impressive when you stand there and realize he is responsible for the current split of communism and China in Taiwan.

Of course another temple or the day wouldn't be complete....:) The table you see is full of food, and presents for the Gods. They are sold right. In the temple so you can be sure not to forget! The temples are so interesting. They are in the midst of life and everything goes on there. It is a great place to rest and watch people.

And finally the famous Shilin night market. Absolutely crazy but a lot of fun. These kids ar "shrimping" with real live shrimp!





Anonymous said...

Live shrimp at the night market! At lots to eat as well from the snack stalls, not those shrimps though!

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