Saturday, September 8, 2012

Sunday September 9, 2012

How funny, in Canada it is still Saterday!
Today we are going on a tour in the area. I can't wait. We worked hard the past few days so a little R&R is well deserved (or so I think ;).

On Friday, the sessions were organized by the Korean Association of Institutional Review Boards. At night I was able to skip out to a little market area. I found several stores with millions of yards of ribbon. My friend Carmi would have been so delighted to roam around there!!  We were treated like royalty for helping them with their conference. Yesterday we went to a beautiful spa and had a massage..... (I know, we DID work hard!).
After that we went to a traditional Korean restaurant. The number of dishes are astounding. The little dishes are called kimchi and they are little condiments in a variety of flavours.


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