Sunday, February 5, 2012

Five Fave Pics

Inspired by Marissa I am posting
my five favourite pictures:
This is my mom at 23

These are my friends from my youth.
We still keep in touch!
I am on the bottom.....

This is me at age 1....

This is our family, from the oldest to the youngest in 1962.
I am the second from the left.

And once more in 1964, I look pretty in blue...


Leslie Jane Moran said...

What a great family resemblance you have to your Mum! NINE kids. She's a saint! I loved seeing these photos. What a good looking bunch.

The Soap Sister said...

What a fun post! Thanks for sharing. I love my old pictures -especially the black & white ones. :) ~Becky

MarissaDW said...

What a great a great family photos! Thanks for sharing some of your memories. You're sooo adorable.

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