Wednesday, November 2, 2011

So tired....

It must be November! I don't know if it is the weather or if it is the season or what. I am tired..... It can't be the weather because for November, really, I can't complain. The month maybe? I don't know. It could be work, school life or a combination of the above? Let's just say I am looking forward to some time off at Christmas. Did I say Christmas? Yikes, that just makes me realize how fast the time is going. I haven't done any jewelry work. I am just eying the pictures in my books and magazines when I have  a few minutes finally at the end of each day.  How about you, my blog reader? Are you inspired, and productive?


Leslie Jane Moran said...

NOPE! And here I was waiting for YOU to inspire me! Drat. Get over whatever this malaise is and make some wonderful jewels!:) See that key in your sidebar???....Love it.

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