Sunday, October 24, 2010

 What a busy day we had on Saturday. First we went to the University of Toronto open house. Zoe would like to go there next year so we toured the campus, gathered information and were please with what we saw.
 Then we walked over to El Mocambo to see Cami. She once again had great cards for sale in the theme of the "day of the dead" and Frida Kahlo. Beautiful!
 Next was the Creativ festival. I discovered this new UK company with the most amazing wooden printing blocks. Look what you can do with them. The owners were the nicest people and it all reminded me of Rebecca Gill, from the UK who owns Stewart Gill paints. If you have never tried these, if you do find them give them a go. There are stunning. I had to restrain myself from buying stacks of blocks!.... Here is the website:
And then the Grand Finale!! The Fashionshow was fantastic, maybe 200-300 people, very professional runway, great music and Zoe, walking the catwalk as if she has done this her whole life! Just excellent.


Sharon said...

Wow! She's just stunning. I see a second career here and lots of money. Bravo Zoe.

MarissaDW said...

Wow, who is that sexy girl? She definitely looks stunning. I hope she remembers me when she's making the big bucks. I think she went from cute to sophisticated in a blink of an eye.

MarissaDW said...

BTW. I have to show this to Aidan and get his comment.

Susan Williamson said...

How exciting to see Zoë onstage. She looks gorgeous and professional. Of course coming from good stock always helps, doesn't it?

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