Sunday, September 26, 2010

More Italy

Man, slow as molasses, this update, isn't it. yet I would like to complete it as it will help me remember later on. I am planning to make a photo book so this will come in handy!
We had booked tickets to see the Coliseum to avoid possible line-ups, which was well worth it as there was a like 4 hours long! It was hot and a lot of walking but so interesting and so amazing yet again. There was an exhibit about the life of gladiators. What a gruesome thing. I cannot imaging sitting there watching people get killed and beaten up. And it was very popular for very long. Bizarre really!
We took time to, following our visit to the Coliseum, to wander at length through the ruins of Ancient Rome. We saw if from the "outside" in the evening, but to see it up close was spectacular.
And in the evening, we went to see an Opera!! It was in an old church but so well worth it. (even though it was so hot in the church, without any air-conditioning or airflow... My favourite is Turandot by Puccini and this performance we saw was a "compilation of different opera segments. Guess what they sang?


Leslie Jane Moran said...

Did you hear Nessun Dorma??? I once actually joined WNED t.v. after hearing Pavarotti sing this.

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