Thursday, September 2, 2010

The first leg of our trip:Holland and Paris

The first part of our trip consisted of a visit with one of my brothers and his family and of travelling to Paris with Zoe, my friend and her daughter. What a good time we had. Lost of walking, lots of talking and above all lots of laughter. In Holland, we walked along the waterfront in the town where I lived, Nijmegen. A great way to spend time together and to catch up. We left for Paris right after the weekend and from the moment we arrived we walked, and walked and walked some more. The best way to see  a lot. I have been to Paris numerous times but Zoe had not, so we visited some of the tourist attractions and I still enjoy them. On my birthday we visited the Eifel tower by night and on the way back, a group was singing in the metro. So I was serenaded on the train since Ciele told them it was my birthday. So funny!! Aside from the tourist stuff we ate Nutella crepes, visited some fabric place right at the foot of Mont Martre, some neat little shops at the Forum des Halles and I bet this one can be a new addition to Carmi's Paris book. Of course no pictures allowed but that din't stop me. It is easier to ask for forgiveness than for permission is my motto! We finished with a visit to my favourite museum: Musee Rodin. I just LOVE this sculpture... A memorable time with daughter and friends


MarissaDW said...

I love all your photos, especially the Eiffel tower, one of Zoe, artist, musician serenading you and the Rondin sculpture.

Thanks for sharing.

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