Sunday, June 6, 2010

Hot Flash relief....

When I stay in hotels, no matter how great they are I am always too hot. It is an age thing... So I fiddle with the thermostat and when it doesn't go I call engineering to get them to decrease the temperature. Last night, after that didn't work I figured I could open the window. The right one didn't work. I then climbed on the desk and tried the right one. Now I am hot!! Finally it opened and so I try to shove it up but it all took a different direction and the window actually came out of the frame...  At 34 stories high this is tricky. Ha! Not wanting or being able to call the front desk as I am holding on to the window so it won't crash down I am seriously thinking that menopause sucks. Hot and bothered at this point I thin k that the only way to prevent being on CNN for dumping a window down or crashing myself, I have to push it back in the frame. Several attempts later and many degrees later I am happy to say I was successful and decided that sleeping under just the sheet would have to do.... Who says life is boring?


Leslie Jane Moran said...

I'm surprised you could even get a window open in that hotel! NO we don't want to hear about you via CNN. Just stay calm, and as you say, a sheet will do. This too shall pass...maybe.

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