Monday, March 8, 2010

Pictures Adorn me...

So here are some pictures from my outing to Houston. I am already back at work but still feel the afterglow from Adorn me. It was so much fun and I hope they repeat it next year. I met some wonderful new people and finally met some others whose blog I have been following. Diane Frey, Ricky Shumacher, Diane Cook, just such wonderful women. I really hope we stay in touch and will meet again.
Here are the enamel beads I made on day 1 with Melissa Manley. I cut the copper circles, shaped them and used enamel to get the pretty shades on them. Then the final step was to rivet a tube in the centre so you can thread a string or necklace through it. It is tricky as the enamel is very fragile and it is easy to damage it.... The enameling itself is done with a torch and not in a kiln. So much easier. Not sure if I will use this a lot, but the technique of making the beads was very useful and lots of fun!
The following day was a class with Diana Frey. She is not just very talented a great person, she is also the most organized and coordinated artist I have ever met. Take a look at her instruction package. It is almost too pretty to open. She usually adds peanut butter M&Ms but they didn't match the colours she has used..... We made a choker out of brass wire as a skeleton and then wired all kinds of pretty beads and items through it. Isn't it just so pretty? And, the best of all, I got to buy one of Diana's pieces. Sally Jean Alexander had given her the glass bead and she worked it into the necklace. I just LOVE it!! It is the olive green one. I made the blue and turquoise one.
More tomorrow.....


Leslie Jane Moran said...

This looks amazing! I absolutely adore all of these pieces and am so glad you will be inspired to create more! We will all benefit in this way. Glad you had a great time and sounds like a really successful class.

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