Sunday, March 28, 2010

Fashion Show

Yesterday was Zoe's last day in her modeling course at the Sutherland Modeling school. The class ended with all students giving a fashion show. It was fun to watch and it made me acutely aware of how my little girl is becoming a confident young woman. She was smiling and having so much fun. With her high heels on and standing next to me, she now looks down on me. We differ by about a foot! It is so great to see that life is exciting and full of opportunities to be explored and enjoyed. It was a great experience.


Diana said...

Congratulations to Zoe! It's wonderful that she can follow her dreams. I, too, dreamt of becoming a model. I wasn't fortunate enough to attend modeling school, however, have modeled many times for various events. Wishing Zoe a lot of fun and fulfillment as she "struts her stuff." She is a beautiful young woman. You must be a very proud mom.

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