Sunday, February 7, 2010


Besides the fact that it is a pretty colour, I have become a vendor there.... Perwinkle is a store front that provides designers, artists and entrepreneurs the opportunity to display and sell their work to bring you handmade, hand selected one-of a-kind items. They house over 50 local designers, artist and vendors. And I am now one of them... !! I am excited and hope you will go visit this lovely store. It is located at 2137 Bloor Street West in Toronto, very close to Mango, the Thai restaurant, but on the south side east of the interesection. Periwinkle adds new items every 2 weeks, to give you up to the date fashion trends. So come visit and support your local designers, artist and entrepreneurs.


Irene said...

What good news, we will be sure to visit.

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