Saturday, January 16, 2010

This piggy went to market

Today Zoe started her modelling course. We drove downtown and I dropped her off at 9. What to do next was the question. All of a sudden I thought, I haven't been to the market for a long time, so off I went. It was busy already and lots of great foods and local produce. I shopped and had a great time! Funny, I go to markets where ever I travel if there is one. It reminds me of Holland. And yet I forget about the great market we have here! I may just make this a habit. It is fast on a Saturday morning and I really enjoyed it. On top of that I ran into some people I know and so it was a morning well spent!

History of the St. Lawrence Market
In 1803, Governor Peter Hunter issued a proclamation, following recommendations made as early as 1796, that all the land north of Front, west of Jarvis, south of King and east of Church street was to be designated officially as the "Market Block."
Since 1901, the South St. Lawrence Market has been known primarily for its fruits, vegetables, meat and cheese. For many years, few people realized that Toronto's original City Hall had been incorporated into today's south market.


Irene said...

I haven't been to the market for years. My son lives down there, maybe we'll have a SLEEP over and go to the market in the morning.

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