Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wet, wet, wet

It is raining the entire time. Not that it is bothering me, really, but there is more to come! The entire country is buzzing as it supposedly is a really bad one and there are winds of 150 km/hr. After 2 corporate calls, I ventured out on the subway. It is an experience. There are offcicial "pushers" to get everyone on the train. Kind of funny as the Japanese are a super polite nation. (honestly, we should send people here to get a crash course in how to be polite!).
There was a store I read about called Okadaya. It is the vertical version of fabricworld in Portland. Eight stories of fabric, buttons and all in between. I didn't buy a thing...... It is so hard to choose and so I walked out, being totally overwhelmed. Eye candy though.
Tomorrow we go to Bio Japan 2009, a large convention of biotechnology, pharmaceutical and research organizations interested in partnering. Sort of like speed dating :)
It is in Yokohama, on the water. As long as we don't get a tsunami, we should be ok. Haha.


Carmi said...

Sometimes just looking is enough!

Leslie Jane Moran said...

Be safe.

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