Monday, October 26, 2009

Sweet 16!

Today my little baby turned 16! Unbelievable how fast time goes by. A head taller than me and a lovely young woman. Sixteen years ago I was spaced out on IV morphine following a c/section and on IV benadryl sine I was allergic to the morphine.... Lalaland. Now I am having great conversations about modelling, dance, which book is our favourite and so forth. While I miss the little baby I also cherish the great moments I have with my wonderful daughter now. Life is sweet and the love for a child has no limits. What more can you want?


Leslie Jane Moran said...

Happy Birthday Zoe! In another few months, my daughter will give birth to our first granddaughter and her name will be Zoe! I hope she will be as lovely as you are. All best wishes.

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