Monday, October 5, 2009

Business and pleasure...

Today was day 3 and we met as an Ontario government delegation to discuss our corporate meetings with several Japanese companies. The way the Japanese conduct business is a very interesting perspective and quite different from our North American or European way. It is all very pleasant and polite, and yet it is not realy quite clear what direction matters go. The focus of the first meetings is very much about buildin trust and you don't want to be too direct. Yet, being from "far" makes you want to ensure the trip is well worth it. A fine line and a real lesson to try and get your message across and not create animosity. A truly great experience.
To end the day and to relax, a surprise was waiting for us: A Japanese Baseball game! It was so funny. The crowd cheers like mad, the announcer is animated and loud, although you have no idea what he is saying, Japanese cheerleaders and mascottes, and all kinds of japanese food. The best thing was what I called the wet nurse. This is a female with keg of beer strapped to her back who goes around and fills peoples cup with a hose attached to the keg. An employment opportunity for North America. I believe it would be a huge success!!!!
Off to Tokyo tomorrow.


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