Friday, August 28, 2009


I have always wanted to go to Japan. It intrigues me as a country and as a culture. I love Japanese food, Japanes paper, Japanese fabric and the sound of the Japanese language. I am not sure why, it just does. Well...., it so happens that I have been asked to join a Japanese trades mission by the Ministry of Research and Innovation, in light of my professional role and expertise. So I am joining them for a week. Isn't that fun?! I must say, whle it will be tiring and very busy, it will also be a great opportunity. I am so fortunate :)


Sharon said...

Oh my, how great is that. I, too, have a love of things Japanese. Because of my fish allergies I cannot enjoy the food. But in my early 20's, for some reason I started to read Japanese novels/short stories in translation. I love the sound of the language. I studied Ikebana for 8 years and have my assistant teachers certificate purchased at a huge price in American dollars but issued from Kyoto which is the headquarters for the Ohara school. Let's see...what can you bring me as a souvenir...?

MarissaDW said...

That's a fabulous opportunity and definitely a great trip. I love anything Asian, especially Japanese art; paper and sushi. Have fun!

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