Sunday, June 7, 2009


On the weekend I often end up speaking to someone in Holland, as I have a chance to sit and chat without worrying about other things that take up my time. I had arranged with my youngest sister to chat on Skype. If you haven't tried it, you should! It is fun to actually see people when you talk, like you are having coffee together. And better still, it is free. SoI talked for about 1 hour... Then I remembered I had told my friend in Holland I would call her. So I did and it was great to hear her and catch up. While I was speaking to her, another call on Skype came through. It was my brother and his family. So, when I was finished speaking with Ciele, I called my brother Peter using Skype and so we had a great chat. While I was chatting with them, the phone rang.... It was my brother Dick and so let him hear part of the conversation with Peter who is also in Holland (so Holland to Canada via Holland!). I called Dick back when I was done Skyping with Peter. It is now 3 hours later! And guess what, one more call to my other sister who I had promised to call also. Here is a picture of the entire clan!


Leslie Jane Moran said...

With our daughter in Belgium that 6 hour difference makes it almost impossible to phone except on the weekends. I did the same thing yesterday, although I don't have quite the clan to get through! What a marvelous bunch you all are.

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