Sunday, June 21, 2009

Dance recital

Today is the day of Zoe's dance recital. It is a fun event to watch. The dancers work hard throughout the year to be able to give a great performance. They range from very little to adults. Since I am leaving for San Diego for work this afternoon, I went with Zoe and was allowed to watch one dance from the wings. While pictures are not allowed, I did sneek one.... I am always moved to watch and it fills me with pride to see my young daughter dance. Many times during these events I become somewhat emotional. (this time in particulr since the studio director did not remember I asked to watch from the side since I am not here later today and I was aksed to leave; boy did that make me mad! At least I saw one dance) It is a display of beauty and these young people work so hard.


irenka said...

Did you wrestle the person who wouldn't let you watch to the ground. I sure would have. You must be so proud.

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