Friday, May 22, 2009

What a fun afternoon

I had some time after my meeting this afternoon and decided to rent a bicylce to tour the island. I had found a bead stor in the phone book and so decided to have peek. When I walked around in the store, it turned out to be connected to a beautiful yarn store, called Knit Wits! I walked in and was looking around when the owner, Debby, commented on my silver necklace and earrings. Next thing I know she has ordered one. Then another woman joined in on the conversation and it turns out she owns 4 stores on the island, 2 clothing and 2 jewelry stores. She invited me to come with her and so off we went to visit her stores! Beautiful clothes and jewlery and Liliane, the owner was so nice. Well, she too wanted some pieces for her store and so it turned into quite the afternoon!!! Who knows, maybe one day it will be my full time job... For now, it provides me with lots of fun and opportunity to meet other people.


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