Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Yesterday I attended a lecture by Sir Elton John here in Atlant about his charity for HIV/AIDS. The numbers he quoted were stounding. For the world, especially Africa, but also for the US. One million cases of persons who are positive for HIV of which 50% do not take medication due to lack of access. How can a country ignore such a problem? It is in my view a moral obligation, not only to help these people but to step up for education and prevetion. These 500,000 will die without treatment and in themean time possibly infect many others. This cannot be right! Swineflu created more exicitement and action.... Governments need to do what is right and not just leave it up to charities to help irradicate
this awful disease. Ok, I feel better now.


MarissaDW said...

Karen thanks for posting this. My brother passed away from Aids in 2005 and it was astounding how lack of awareness and funding for medication for this disease.

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