Saturday, May 9, 2009

Hot Flashes....

This weather is just too much. My hot flashes are rampant. For the longest time I tried all kinds of remedies. From formal medication to herbal stuff. At one point I thought, what the heck, I am taking it all at once, maybe that will make a difference.... It didn't. In fact, there is really only 1 documented effective treatment, which is with low dose Effexor. I don't really want to take any medicine and decided a long time ago that I will just sweat this one out. After all, it is only a hot flash. Mind you, they are so awful. Instant combustion is all I have to say. This weather of frequent pressure changes is what sets mine off. I know, people say that food and wine etc cause them. I have had them for 10 years and I can honestly say that the only thing I know affects me is the weather changes.
if you are interested in a site that published evidence on whether remedies work, check this one out:
It is a website from the National Institute of Health in the US and a reputable source.
If anyone has the joke of the crows on the hydro wire who rip their coats off, please send it to me. It is so funny!


Anita said...

For helpful hints to combat night sweats and hot flashes go to Help For Night Sweats. The tips have been a real lifesaver for many of my clients.

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