Monday, April 27, 2009

Swine Flu

This may be it, this may be the big pandemic that has been discussed by so many health care officials. In Mexico, more than 100 people have died and more then 1600 are sick. It has been reported across the world in the last few days and that includes several cases no in Canada. Scary, isn't it. This is serious stuff. The easiest way to decrease your risk of getting it is HANDWASHING and avoiding people you know are sick. (sneezers and couhgers etc. ). I wish everyone would follow that advice, the word would be a healthier place... And I am flying all over the place right now.
Here is a link. Follow this news!


MarissaDW said...

Thanks for the tip Karen. Whenever I'm sick, I usually stay home, to keep my germs to myself. I just got over a cold a few weeks ago. Keep healthy especially, if you're going to be traveling around.

It is a scary thing what we've been hearing in Mexico. Wallace tried getting masks from SDM but five stores were sold out. He found some at Lee Valley.

Karen said...

Now 40 cases in the US, 2 in Montreal....

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