Thursday, April 2, 2009

One of a Kind show

Today I went to see Carmi at the One of a Kind show. As always her booth looked great, she looked great and her artwork looks better than great!! There is so much creativity there. It makes you want to quit your job and focus on your own creative inspirations. To make a job of one's hobby is probably totally different than what we think it would be like. Nevertheless it would be so great. I read an article yesterday where an artist made the distinction between "real" artists (defined as those who ahve been educated in art) and crafters (those who do stuff without a "true" eduation). He argues that crafters ruin it for the "real" artists as the crafters price their work much lower, the market now caters to the crafters and thus the "real" artists cannot get the prices they need to make a living of their art. In addition this artist felt that most of what crafters make is junk.... Somehow this bothers me. Surely there is room for anyone's creative outlet and there is no right or wrong. Such a shame that these types of competitive behaviours create this split. If I can have fun, feel creative and make things I enjoy, I quite frankly don't really care what others think. It is not my issue and so I am not going to waste time on it. I just want more time to do what I love to do. Happy creating!


Carmi said...

It was great to have you in the booth...even if it wasn't for the whole night!!
Thanks for coming down!

nancy said...

crafters are artists!!!! they just know how to market themselves better! I can't wait to go to the show this weekend, nancy

irenka said...

How awful that one artist should get to print his opinion. What about the rest of us. I was educated in art, I don't do what my education taught me, I do my own thing. How many of us have come out of school and do what we were suppose to be? Few I imagine. well maybe doctors and dentists. Look at Weird Al Yankovic (I have to my kids listen to him) He's an engineer. A far cry from the musical parody he does and does well.

Beth Ann said...

This type of snobbery is why I dropped out of the fine arts program when I was in University. Just because you haven a formal education in art, doesn't make you "an artist"! Yes, there is a pricing issue out there, but maybe the "artist" isn't being realistic about his pricing structure/skill/talent!

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