Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Inspiration for peace

Today, on my way home from the gym I listened to a broadcast on CBC radio1 with Anna Maria Tremonte about Dr Abu al-Aish. From the CBC website: "Doctor Abu al-Aish is a prominent Palestinian gynecologist who speaks fluent Hebrew and works in hospitals on both sides of the border. He had been doing regular reports on Israeli television during the conflict. Toward the very end of Israel's three-week assault on Gaza, there was one moment that gave a lot of people pause. His home was hit by an Israeli rocket. The attack killed three of his six daughters and one of his nieces. (He lost his wife to acute leukemia last year...). But despite everything that Doctor Abu al-Aish has lost, he remains deeply committed to finding a peaceful end to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The University of Toronto had made him an offert oc come to Toronto to work with the McLaughlin Rotman Centre for Global Health, but unfortunately he did not get out on time. At this time he was invited back and gave this follow up interview at the CBC studio in Toronto today. It is a most amazing story of someone who is able to move towards peace and mainatin his belief of the need for peace and human compassion rather than hatredness and war. If you can, listen to this interview, it is a very inspiring story despite the sadness caused by his family's death. He has been nominated for the Nobel peace prize. It is availble from iTunes as a podcast. Or you can listen from the CBC website. Here is the link: http://www.cbc.ca/thecurrent/2009/200904/20090406.html

Alfred Nobel, the man behind the prize


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