Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Having a bad day?

Ok, I just have to write about this as it made me laugh and wonder about some people... (True story). A guy decided to fix the engine his motor bike in his living room. Once he had completed it, he then decided to try to start it. It did, with him on it and he ended up driving through the glass patio door. His wife heard the noise, called 911 and he was taken to hospital to have his cuts sutured up. When he cam back home his wife put him to bed, and cleaned up the living room. She took the oil, junk and gasoline and dumped it in the toilet.
The guy gets up to go pee and decides to smoke a cigarette, throws the cigarette in the toilet..... BOOOOM, through the door he went. Wife calls 911, and the ambulance people come. They are the same guys as the ones earlier. When they have him on the stretcher and are walking out, they ask what happened. When they hear the story they laughed so hard, they dropped the stretcher and the fall breaks the man's collar bone. And you thought you knew what a bad day was!!


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