Thursday, April 9, 2009

drinking and driving

Well, here is a contentious issue. Someone we know got pulled over and was charged with DOI. Honestly, you think people learn and realize that certain things are never ok. Alice Munroe at one point, when she was inteviewed stated that sometimes in life certain things happen that are irrevocable. This would be one of those things. Thank goodness no one was hurt. It affects the entire family since now someone cannot drive for a year and a has to appear in court, pay a high fine and everyone experiences the consquences. Such a shame. Is it really worth it.....? Clearly not. It certainly is a hard lesson to learn but quite frankly, I think a good one.
Don't drink and drive!


Carmi said...

Wait till they spend the following year blowing into a breathalizer every 10 kilometers.....this lesson will be learned for a long time.

irenka said...

Fortunately the year goes by very slowly, but is all to easily forgotten once the fines are paid. You didn't mention the legal fees? Outrageous. I've lived with this at least once in my immediate family, The last time I didn't know about the court date until it was over, quite simply because I was going to go tell the judge not to let him off with just a monetary fine. It's just not enough. So I know in one of your earlier posts you talked about shipping costs of tools, fooey, it's cheaper than a day in court. Go for it. I do!

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