Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Modeling, what to think of it... Having a teenager interested in modeling is forcing me to look at the pro's and con's. I can think of more con's than pro's but as I am teaching my daughter to be critical and to always find something good about anything in life, I now have to live what I preach! Interestingly enough, there are many modeling agencies in Toronto with a variety of approaches. One thing many of them have in common is that they charge a lot of money for people to join. And for this not much is offered.... Needless to say they came off our list. A couple acruyally provide some level of education and so this is where maybe a good side is. Is it still fashionable to have manners, know some etiquette, take care of yourself and spend some time thinking about clothing? In my view it is and so maybe my teenager will have fun doing what she would like to explore and I have learned something positive about modleing, despite my overall view that smart women can use their brains rather than their phyiscal attributes to be noticed and to feel good about themselves. Most of all, I learned that my little girl is growing up so fast..... Here is a little poem she gave me when she was about 3. It has a red impression of her little hand and these words:

This is my hand
so tiny and small
for you to hang
upon the wall,
so you can see
as days go by
how we grow
my hand and I.

Last mother's day she gave me the same poem with a blue impression of her now bigger hand. It makes me sad and happy at the same time. Motherhood, the greatest joy. Yet, once again, time goes by so fast!

Monday, March 30, 2009

There is a first time for all of us...

Well, who would have thought that I would ever start a blog. I know, some of you will wonder whether I have sustained a head injury which has affected my brain. I guess all I can say is that "never say never" has once again proven to be a true statement. My precious little time will now be even less but I can at least say that I tried. There are just so many new ways to communicate and I suppose blogs are becoming a mainstream tool for this purpose! So, who knows, this may be a matter of placing a bet on me: Will she or won't she convert to become a true blogger? And once again, time is the deciding factor and the key to it all.